China Report Highlights Need for Pension Reform to Rescue Poor Provinces

Shi Rui, Wang Luyi, Li Rongde via Caixin | The number of provinces with pension spending deficits doubled over the last year, according to a new report, underscoring the urgency for creating a national system that would let wealthier coastal regions subsidize poorer interior ones. Pension funds in six provinces paid out more money than they collected in 2015, up from three regions a year earlier, according to the 2015 China Social Security Development Report compiled by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.




Farewell Medal Mania, Hello Sports Reform

Hu Shuli via Caixin | Chinese sports fans following the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have noticed something different about the latest generation of Olympians representing their country. Today’s young athletes are a lot less inclined to cry if they fail to win a gold medal. It’s a whole new ball game: China has replaced a form of gold-medal worship with true appreciation for athletic endeavors and achievement.


Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect: what you need to know

Wang Yuqian via Caixin | It will be another four months before the much-anticipated Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect system finally goes online and provides another bridge between the mainland and the offshore stock markets. The stock exchanges in Shenzen and Hong Kong jointly made an announcement yesterday, providing investors with some details of how the system is going to work.



Global FinTech Investments: 1Q16 Boosted By Mega Deals in China

Citi | FinTech Remain Hot: According to the latest data published on 25th May by CB Insights and KPMG, there was a revival in FinTech investments in 1Q16 from a soft 4Q15. A total of 218 investments were made by VC-backed FinTech companies in 1Q16 raising $4.9bn in funding globally, almost doubling yoy and up 160% qoq. The trend for FinTech is noticeably more resilient than total VC funding for all sectors (-8% yoy). Total FinTech investments (including PE, hedge funds and corporate investments) were at $5.7bn, up 97% yoy and 84% qoq.

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China-U.S. Relations: Hostage To None

Hu Shuli via Caixin | The eighth session of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) in Beijing on June 6 and 7 received more than the usual attention amid signs of increased tension between the two countries. In addition to tensions over disputed islands and reefs in the South China Sea, friction has been generated in recent months by China’s attempt to be recognized as a “market economy” and America’s…

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In a Post- Obama World

Jarno Lang | Obama is not only a pop-cultural phenomenon, but also a pragmatic leader. His successor will have to deal with a worldwide net of dependencies.

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How India Is Stepping Out Of China’s Shadow

Caixin | As two of the most significant economies driving global growth today, commentators often compare the emerging market behemoths, China and India. In recent times, the two countries have eclipsed Brazil, Russia and South Africa, their BRICS counterparts, in terms of economic growth. However, there are significant differences between the two Asian economies.

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What Level Of Oil Is Now ‘Priced In’?

UBS | Improved EM asset performance this year has been driven by a) the tremendous credit stimulus from China, b) a change in the reaction function of the Fed, which helped EM currencies rally against the USD, and, c) the rebalancing in the oil market. Investors are already questioning the first two, but oil has continued to trade very well.