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China’s Economy Is Not Collapsing

Danny Quah | For three decades now, many of the world’s most insightful observers have predicted the imminent demise of China’s system. But these same three decades have also seen China confound expectations. China’s economy turned in double-digit growth rates. China lifted 600 million people out of poverty.


The Path to Building a Well-Off Society

Caixin | The Communist Party’s 18th Central Committee released a proposal for a major economic development plan on October 29 at the end of a four-day plenum, the fifth time the body has met. In the proposal, the party notes that China still has a lot of room to grow, even though it is facing an array of challenges stemming from shifts in the domestic economy and uncertainty abroad.

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Trimming RRR, Interest Rates Won’t Save China’s Economy

Guan Qingyou via Caixin | The Chinese central bank’s decisions to trim banks’ reserve-requirement ratios and benchmark interest rates this year have all coincided with bad news, so it was hardly surprising that it would make cuts again on October 23, shortly after the National Bureau of Statistics said the country’s GDP growth rate for the third quarter fell to 6.9 percent.

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China’s Economic Apocalypse Averted; Economy on Upswing

By Ray Kwong | China’s economy went from chump to champ in 30 years, with growth rates averaging 10% over three decades. To be sure, there are major downward shifts underway, but predictions that the Chinese economy will go down in flames—whether by crash, hard landing or [your favorite term here]—is crazy. Some detractors even foresee an economic apocalypse, one in which China will repeat Japan’s “lost decade” of stagnation.