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G7 May Back 15% Minimum Corporate Tax Rate Next Week

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will attend the G7 summit in London next week (4-5 June) with the idea of pushing for agreement on a global minimum corporate tax rate. The US authorities would be willing to accept a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, instead of the 21% they had previously advocated, in order to facilitate the agreement. This US decision may already precipitate an agreement at G7…

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Corporate Taxes Back Centre Stage: If Companies Are Forced To Pay For The Pandemic, There Will Be No Increase In Profits

Alphavalue | ll governments around the world are faced with the fact that growth comes from investing in education, the environment and possibly infrastructures. The pandemic has de facto killed an old and simplistic idea that the lower the taxes, the better. Without public resources, there would have been no way of dealing with the pandemic. So supporters of reasonable corporate taxes have returned to the scene, starting with Spain, the UK for its next budget and now the US.