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The Life Of A Digital Dollar

Alger (La Française AM) | With the rise of digital payments, the economics of credit and debit transactions has been a hot topic as investors try to figure out the best places to invest in the payment ecosystem. So where does your digital dollar go?

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Legally Speaking, is Digital Money Really Money?

By Catalina Margulis & Arthur Rossi (IMF) | Countries are moving fast toward creating digital currencies. Or, so we hear from various surveys showing an increasing number of central banks making substantial progress towards having an official digital currency. But, in fact, close to 80 percent of the world’s central banks are either not allowed to issue a digital currency under their existing laws, or the legal framework is not clear. 

Digital needs of asset and wealth managers

The Economy of Digital Money

By issuing digital money, the central banks could provide an answer for the substitution of jobs by robotization, or solve the problem of excessive public debt, easing the increasing pressure on finances from burdens like pensions.