Endesa dividend yield

Endesa’s Dividend Yield Will Be 5% Higher Than Sector Average

Endesa’s new strategy will improve the group’s long-term visibility and allow dividends to be sustained thanks to its robust cash generation. A minimum dividend of 1,32 eur/share in 2017 and 1,33 eur/share in 2018 has been confirmed. This implies a dividend yield 2018 estimated of 7% (higher than the sector average of 5%).

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Telefónica’s dividend back to orthodoxy

MADRID | There will be no dividend from Telefónica over the next fifteen months. The decision is not surprising but consistent with the situation. Yet, it has a devastating effect on many investors the company had promised to pay 77 cents in December as a second dividend in the year, and again in May. The company will now retain its full profits within the 2012 balance sheet (€4-€5 billion) to reduce…

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Barclays’ Spanish division under suspicion over dividend tax fraud

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Problems for Barclays are multiplying. Added to the Libor scandal in the United Kingdom and the United States, it has been revealed on Monday morning that the Spanish ministry of Finance is performing a fiscal investigation on the bank’s national subsidiary practices of dividend or coupon tax fraud. According to the daily Expansion, which has the scoop, Barclays Capital would have started to avoid…

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The majority of Repsol shareholders opt to be paid dividend in shares

MADRID | A total 63.64% of Repsol shareholders opted to be paid the final dividend from 2011 earnings in shares, the Spanish company reported Friday. This is the first time that Repsol has opted for a flexible dividend which allowed shareholders to choose between newly-issued shares or a cash dividend through the sale to the company of free allocation rights. These results reflect shareholder’s interest in the company’s 

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Spain’s recovery is on its way, Telefónica’s chairman assures investors

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Telefónica’s president César Alierta devoted his speech during the company’s general shareholder meeting to claim that markets are not considering the company’s growth potential, as well as to defend that Spain is “a very solvent country.” According to the data gathered by Link analysts, Alierta stressed Telefónica’s high dividend yield, which at current prices will be of 13,3% in 2012. In Alerta’s opinion, it…

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Madrid’s financial City approves YPF dividend payment strategy

MADRID | YPF, the subsidiary in Argentina of Spanish oil company Repsol, will carry out last year’s dividend payment in shares in response to pressure from Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s government. The republic’s authorities have vehemently expressed their desire for the corporation to increase investment activity in the country instead of distributing the cash to stockholders. The board approved this week the transfer of 1.057 billion pesos from reserve for…


Inditex plans to increase dividend by 12.5pc to €1.8 per share

For Spain’s Inditex, weathering the crisis isn’t near enough: the company seems ready for a full combat. Inditex board will submit a proposal to the annual general meeting of shareholders in July for payment of a dividend of €1.80 per share, an increase year on year of 12.5pc. This dividend will consist of a €0.9 per share interim dividend payable on 2 May 2012 and a €0.90 per share final…