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Naturgy “Freezes” The Price Of Electricity At €60 MWh

Naturgy, the third Spanish electricity company in terms of number of customers, behind Endesa and Iberdrola, is freezing electricity tariffs at the levels they were before the price hikes. This is to prevent users from suffering the uncontrolled increases the market is experiencing. To this end, from 15 September, it is offering to apply a cap of 60 euros per megawatt hour to all customers currently on regulated tariffs. Beyond…

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The Government Cuts Electricity Companies “Extraordinary” Income

CdM | The Government cuts electricity companies’ “extraordinary” income by €2.6Bn: €1.221Bn for Iberdrola, €976Mn for Endesa, €188Mn for Naturgy, €144Mn for Acciona and €71Mn for EDP. On Tuesday, the government approved through a Royal Decree-Law a shock plan to contain the escalation of electricity and gas prices. According to Morgan Stanley’s analysis team the measures – assuming they are effective in Q4’21 and Q1’22- will have a strong impact…

wholeshale electricity market

The Spanish Electricity Sector Reform Will Force Large Utilities To Auction Part Of Their Energy Out Of The Pool

The price of electricity in Spain once again break through the historical maximum yesterday and exceedeed 150 euros for the first time in history. In order to cushion the impact of these soaring prices on electricity bills, the government is preparing a shock plan whose main measure will force the major electricity companies (Iberdrola, Endesa, Naturgy and EDP) to auction energy among retailers and industrial companies.


How Much Will The Electricity “Carajal” Cost The State?

Fernando González Urbaneja | In colloquial language, the word “carajal” is understood as a synthesis of a mess, a tangle, confusion: all in one. And there is no better definition for the issue of electricity prices. This is occupying the media so much that they are unable to explain the reality. In turn, this is worrying the government so much that it is afraid it has stepped on a mine…


Spain Pays The Most Expensive Electricity In Europe

Spain paid an average of 88.47 euros/megawatt hour on Monday, close to the highest price of the year during the winter storm Filomena. With momentary peaks of up to 95 euros per megawatt hour. The same price was paid in Portugal – which is part of the so-called “Iberian Electricity Market” – but there the final price is lower because it applies 6% VAT, compared to 21% in Spain. In…


The Rise In Gas (+200%) And CO2 (To 45 Euros Per Tonne) Is Pushing Up The Price Of Electricity In Europe

ASE Group | The rise in the price of CO2 emissions, up 36% so far this year to 45 euros per tonne (when a year ago it was around 15 euros per tonne) and in the price of gas, up 200%, is pushing up electricity prices across the continent, both current prices and those on the futures markets. Thus, for example, in Spain, the daily price of electricity on the wholesale market for the first 15 days of April stood at 58.13 €/MWh. This is 60% higher than at the end of March and also 60% above the average for the month of April in the last 5 years. If we compare it with April of last year, in the middle of the sanitary confinement, the price rises by 229%.

Total will offer electricity and gas services in Spain

Total Enters The Gas And Light Business In Spain

The French company Total has burst in to the race launched in Spain by the oil companies to offer electricity and gas services to all kinds of clients, in direct competition with the big electricity and gas companies like Endesa, Iberdrola and Naturgy.

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Is the Spanish government plundering power companies?

By Juan Pedro Marín Arrese, in Madrid | Year after year, electricity prices have been reined back below recognised costs, building up a deficit running now at €24 billion. This huge hole turned into a right to be paid back in future has suddenly been put in jeopardy. No wonder power companies are talking about daylight robbery. Are they justified in venting their anger on government? One can understand the…