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Spain’s electricity cheapest in Europe, at €0 for half the hours in April

ASE Group | Until the 17th, the daily price of the Spanish wholesale market (POOL) in April stood at €5.40/MWh, the lowest since records have been kept for such a long period. Grupo ASE analysts highlight that in almost 50% of the hours the price has been zero or lower. In 84 hours (20.6% of the total) negative prices were recorded (between €0 and €-1/MWh) and the average price between…


Storm takes electricity price to negative in Spanish wholesale market

On Monday, 1 April, the price of electricity on the wholesale market was €0 for ten hours and for another three it was negative for the first time in the history of Spain. Specifically, the megawatt hour (MWh) was quoted at €-0.01, according to the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE). However, the reality is that the price of energy on the wholesale market is only one of the factors that…


Iberdrola, Acciona benefit from 15% rise in Spanish spot price to €135/MW due to heat wave

Alphavalue / Divacons| The heat wave now sweeping Europe, and Spain in particular, is causing excessive energy consumption as a result of the increased use of air conditioning systems, driving up electricity prices. The spot price in Spain on Wednesday rose by 15% to €135/MW. This will undoubtedly benefit power generators present in the Iberian Peninsula such as Iberdrola, Acciona, EDP and ERG, with a spot exposure of 15-20%. Acciona…

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Spike in gas prices pushes up electricity prices 25% in June

ASE Group : The average daily price of the Spanish wholesale market (POOL) in June stood at 93.02 €/MWh. It is 25.35% higher than in May, but still 57.5% below the level of a year ago. According to ASE Group analysts, this rise is explained by the shortage of wind power, which has given prominence to combined cycle plants with gas on the rise. Gas-fired combined cycle plants produce 43.17%…


Price volatility kills off one in ten electricity companies in Spain

Price volatility in the electricity market is having ruinous effects on independent electricity suppliers. So far this year, a dozen have gone under, at a rate that is not far short of one per week. This can be seen in the permanently updated census of electricity retailers kept by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). The smaller distributors are falling victim to the tsunami of prices in the electricity…

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Photovoltaics cover 50% of April electricity demand, which fell by 13.5%

The daily price of the Spanish wholesale market (POOL) this month, up to 19 April, stood at €64.05/MWh. This is 28.35% lower than in March and 66.6% lower than a year ago. The 34.6% increase in photovoltaic production, together with the low demand for energy due to Easter and the containment in the price of gas, have led to the collapse of prices in the central hours of the day….


January electricity price in Spain (€70/MWh) half that of large European economies (€140/MWh)

ASE Group | Renewable generation reached 13,559 GWh in January, beating its previous record in March 2018 (13,204 GWh). The pull from wind and hydro has allowed renewables to respond to 65.1% of electricity demand, its highest mark to date. Wind power leads the mix with 32.4% of the total, after producing 38.1% more than a year ago. Meanwhile, hydroelectric power increased by 94.2% compared to a year ago, according…

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Spain: Electricity demand down 6.7% in December

Spanish electricity demand fell by 6.7% in December compared to the same month of the previous year and after discounting the effects of temperature and working hours. In gross terms, demand is estimated at 20,437 GWh, 7.2% lower than in December 2021. Generation from renewable energy sources accounted for 45.1% of the mix in December. In December, wind energy was the main generation technology in our country. Its production accounted…

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“Carbon Prices Are Having Perverse Effects”

Carlos Schwartz | Natalia Fabra is a director of Enagás and chair of the European programme “CURRENT TOOLS AND POLICY CHALLENGES IN ELECTRICITY MARKETS”. Q:There seems to be a shift in thinking about pricing mechanisms in the energy sector at the moment. A: Yes, it is part of the paradigm shift. It has been realised that, in the case of the electricity market, it is not correct to remunerate power…


Europe | Price Cap On Power

BBVA Research | European Commission proposals to mitigate the impact of electricity price inflation on households disposable income and business costs must consider how they affect security of supply and decarbonization.