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January electricity price in Spain (€70/MWh) half that of large European economies (€140/MWh)

ASE Group | Renewable generation reached 13,559 GWh in January, beating its previous record in March 2018 (13,204 GWh). The pull from wind and hydro has allowed renewables to respond to 65.1% of electricity demand, its highest mark to date. Wind power leads the mix with 32.4% of the total, after producing 38.1% more than a year ago. Meanwhile, hydroelectric power increased by 94.2% compared to a year ago, according…

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Spain: Electricity demand down 6.7% in December

Spanish electricity demand fell by 6.7% in December compared to the same month of the previous year and after discounting the effects of temperature and working hours. In gross terms, demand is estimated at 20,437 GWh, 7.2% lower than in December 2021. Generation from renewable energy sources accounted for 45.1% of the mix in December. In December, wind energy was the main generation technology in our country. Its production accounted…

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“Carbon Prices Are Having Perverse Effects”

Carlos Schwartz | Natalia Fabra is a director of Enagás and chair of the European programme “CURRENT TOOLS AND POLICY CHALLENGES IN ELECTRICITY MARKETS”. Q:There seems to be a shift in thinking about pricing mechanisms in the energy sector at the moment. A: Yes, it is part of the paradigm shift. It has been realised that, in the case of the electricity market, it is not correct to remunerate power…


Europe | Price Cap On Power

BBVA Research | European Commission proposals to mitigate the impact of electricity price inflation on households disposable income and business costs must consider how they affect security of supply and decarbonization.


Electricity sector: Moncloa looks to impose a charge on companies via decree law. We prefer Iberdrola and Ecoener

Banc Sabadell | The Government is looking for the “quickest” formula to increase tax pressure on the big electricity companies. The most feasible and fast option would be to implement a surcharge on corporate tax via a decree law, with which the the energy firms’ ‘windfall profits’ from the rise in prices would be additionally taxed. Given the technical complexity of this, it is being considered whether to include it…

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At last!… The Regulated Electricity Tariff Will Finally Be Reformed

Fernando González Urbaneja | It’s coming up to a year since gas became more expensive on the international markets, which in Spain led to an unbridled rise in the price of electricity for a large number of families and companies. A price hike that had a spectacular and artificial impact on the CPI, with second-round effects on all consumer prices and on the direct costs of production processes. At the…


The Excessive Profits Of The Electricity Companies, Where Are They?

Fernando González Urbaneja | Several ministers in conversations with journalists have complained about the excessive, extraordinary, abusive… profits of the electricity companies. These adjectives have been heard in Parliament from the mouths of more than a few dubiously documented parliamentarians. It would be desirable for such descriptions to be followed by explanations and figures, because where there are no accounts, stories dominate. To begin with, it would be useful to…


Copying The Portuguese Regulated Electricity Tariff System In Spain Would Reduce The Price By 40%, According To The Chairman Of Iberdrola

The chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, yesterday called for a modification of the regulated electricity tariff (PVPC): “We have a differential element which is the design of our regulated tariff, unique in Europe. If a design similar to that of other countries is made, the regulated tariff, which only affects ten percent of the energy consumed in Spain, could fall by between 30% and 40%”, he told the media…


The Price Of Electricity Soars And Reaches An All-Time High This Monday, At 442.54 €/MWh

The average price of electricity in the wholesale market will rise this Monday by 16.76% and will mark its most expensive record in history, an average of 442 euros/MWh. This is amid the heat of the rise in the price of natural gas due to the impact of the war in Ukraine. It will thus surpass the previous all-time high of 383.67 euros/MWh, which was reached on 23 December. Furthermore,…

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Electricity Prices in Spain And Portugal Are The Most Sensitive To Those Of Gas

Jorge Mario Uribe Gil via The Conversation | High electricity prices have been at the center of public opinion in the world and particularly in Europe for several months. The huge upward variations that have been recorded since the first half of 2021, and that promise to become more pronounced as the winter progresses, threaten the overall price stability of the region. This rise may lead to situations of energy…