EU Green Deal

EU Green Deal: Bold headlines, elusive impact

Will The Covid-19 Crisis Undermine The EU Green Deal? A View From Europe’s Periphery

Oliver Vardakoulias via Macropolis |On March 26th, the European Council issued a joint statement stressing the objective of a ‘green transition. Since then a number of governments, business leaders, academics, MEPs, supra-national organizations, investors, and NGOs have equally called for post-emergency recovery packages (fiscal and monetary expansion to prop up our economies) to be aligned with the vision and targets of the EU Green Deal.

EU Green Deal: Bold headlines, elusive impact

Green Deal: Bold Headlines, Elusive Impact

Norbert Rücker (Head of Economics & Next Generation Research, Julius Baer) | The outline of the EU Green Deal, was announced yesterday with an overwhelming price tag underpinning its ambitions.The outline is comprehensive but vague, and the impact is elusive to date. Market forces continue to drive the transition.