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Eurozone banks deposit facility rate.

Banking Union? Eurozone banks are hoarding nearly EUR700bn at the ECB

Eurozone banks are currently keeping 690 billion euros at their central bank, according to the ECB’s last figures. While the European Commission aims to achieve by end-2018 a completed banking union, this an evidence of a more fragmented market. Are lenders suspicious of their refinancing capability in order to honour their debts? And why is Ewald Nowotny asking to cut them some slack?

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Can the ECB go further?

Fernando Barciela | The central bank has put QE in place, a trillion euros asset purchase programme, but inflation has returned to negative territory. Has the ECB’s strategy failed? Are critics right when they say it does too little, too late.

Yields are growing–for how long?

Yield gap growing –For how long?

The Corner | March 11, 2015 | The euro sinked to 12-year lows on Wednesday due to the ECB’s money printing –which is pushing yields down (German 30-year government bonds are now lower than those on U.S. two-year paper), and increasing expectations of a rates hike on the other side of the Atlantic. ECB’s Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny insisted that negative bond yields in the euro area probably won’t remain for long.