Greek politicians

greek politics

Mangling The Truth

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | In a quote some attribute to ancient Greek dramatist Aeschylus, the truth is said to be the first casualty of war. Perhaps the same can be said in times of economic crisis, which some have likened to a state of war. Certainly, one could safely say that accuracy has taken a severe battering during the Greek crisis. And, if accuracy is compromised then it is quite likely the truth will also be mangled.

greek politicians

Run this way: The recurring pattern of Greek leaders

ATHENS | By Nick Malkoutzis via MacroPolisAs the Greek general elections of May (and then June) 2012 approached, every poor unfortunate European politician attempted to grab a moment in the spotlight by pontificating on whether Greece should or should not be in the single currency. While the euro vultures picked at Greece’s carcass, thousands of fear-stricken Greeks withdrew their money from local banks. Who knows, maybe in our strange world of acute fiscal adjustment and extreme political polarisation it is a sign of progress that Greece no longer needs foreigners to encourage a bank run. Local politicians can do the jobs themselves.