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Heathrow, Model For EU Airports

Santander | The growth in passenger numbers registered at Zurich in November (6.0 % vs. 6.0% est), Aena (6.9% vs 6.5% est) and ADP (5.4% vs 4.8% est) was more or less in line with our estimations, while the traffic in Fraport (4.7% vs 6.5% est) and Heathrow (3.3% vs 0.2%) remained below.



Ferrovial closes successful sale of Edinburgh airport for £807 million

MADRID/LONDON | BAA, the company owned by a Spain’s Ferrovial-led consortium and that manages most airports in the UK, announced Monday the sale of its 100% interest in Edinburgh Airport Limited. The asset will be acquired by Global Infrastructure Partners GIP for £807.2 million, which surpasses in some £200 million estimations made in advance by analysts in the Madrid financial City. The news was favourably received by most experts. In several investor…