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Beijing’s Inroads Into European Infrastructure Go Far Beyond Huawei And 5G

European Views | A growing number of EU countries are voicing their concerns over Beijing’s increasing leverage as Chinese companies gain footholds in a number of essential European sectors. The Finnish intelligence community recently raised particular concerns about Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks and claimed that China & Russia are “trying to get hold of Finland’s critical infrastructure”. Dutch intelligence services, meanwhile, released a report last week arguing that Chinese cyber-espionage might pose an “imminent threat” to Dutch national security interests, particularly in key sectors including banking, energy and infrastructure.

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EU Industrial Chief Weighs in on 5G Debate

  (European Views) | The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Thierry Breton has rejected claims that relying on European firms in the ongoing 5G network roll-out would cause substantial delays, commenting on rising tensions in Germany over the possible risks posed by Chinese firm Huawei Technologies.

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The Global 5G Roll-Out is a Geopolitical Turning Point

Joanna Eva (European Views) | For the best part of two years, wireless carriers in the US and Europe have been hailing the imminent onset of 5G technology. In Europe, Switzerland, Spain and the UK have already adopted commercial 5G coverage in major cities. Beyond the obvious benefits of the new technology, however, most consumers remain wilfully ignorant to the geopolitical realities of the ongoing roll-out; 2020 presents nothing less than an existential crossroads for democracies around the world.

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What’s at stake in Trump’s war on Huawei: control of the global computer-chip industry

Clinton Fernandes (The Conversation) | Silicon Valley may now be more popularly associated with software companies such as Google and Facebook but it takes its name from the material most used to make semiconductors. Semiconductors – or computer chips – power everything from mobile phones to military systems. The semiconductor industry sits at the centre of the modern world. This point is key to appreciating what’s going on in the US government’s battle with Chinese technology giant Huawei.

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An East wind for technology companies – new STAR Index

Manuel Moreno Capa (Director of GESTORES) | China already has its Nasdaq, its stock market for technology companies – the STAR index. Well, with certain differences: only 25 companies are listed on it, compared to the 3,000 listed on the Nasdaq. But it does not matter. The wind from the East blows hard and will drive technology funds, high risk products, but also with elevated potential returns in the medium and long term.

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A two speed world of technology

Alphavalue | Europe could be lucky after all to have indices with a minimal technological/IT component. The semiconductor, software, computer and digital media sectors dominated by the US face two paradigm changes. The first was fairly easy to identify, even so it took time to arrive: a certain regulation of the personal data market through anti-monopoly measures. The second disagreeable surprise is Huawei.

5G: the real reason behind US attacks on Huawei

In a market governed by traders, the final investor sits out

J.J.Figares (Link Securities) | As expected, the news that the US Commerce Department has approved a list of companies exempt from the prohibition on technology transfer to Chinese companies, amongst them Huawei, served as a catalyst for western variable income, allowing the main US and European stock markets to recover part of the losses suffered on Monday.

5G: the real reason behind US attacks on Huawei

5G: the real reason behind US attacks on Huawei

Last night the US Justice Department announced criminal charges against Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. These focus on the theft of intellectual property from the US and evading US sanctions against Iran. Also the US government has launched a ferocious campaign to persuade allies not to adopt Huawei’s 5G mobile phone technology.