What Telefonica did in Germany this summer

MADRID | By Francisco López, via consensodelmercado.com | Telefonica had an important reason for its well-timed U-turn: the Spanish corporation wanted to conquer a mature market with scope for expansion.

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IG Markets’ Daniel Pingarrón: “Euro accords must be implemented quicker”

By valenciaplaza.com | IG Markets' Daniel Pingarrón said in a conversation with VP for The Corner that the European authorities and the Spanish government should improve their timing if they want investors to believe that they can set up a coordinated, effective plan. The Spanish market index Ibex spiked after president Mariano Rajoy announced its austerity policy, but it was a short-lived reaction. Why was that? The recovery of the…


Koala Capital’s Marc Garrigasait: “industrial activity is in full contraction”

By valenciaplaza.com | How long will it take for the euro zone to finally set its mechanisms and tackle its imbalances? The euro country members only started to do some serious work in the last summit, said Marc Garrigasait, president of Koala Capital Sicav, in a conversation with VP. What feelings do you go through while watching your stock market monitors? I've never lived through a period in which not only…

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Renta 4’s Francisco Jorro: “Ibex should recover after summer”

From valenciaplaza.com | Francisco Jorro, director in Valencia at Renta 4 Banco, said in a conversation with valenciaplaza.com that the ECB's rate cut had already been anticipated by the markets, but the move could still help growth plans in the euro area. What did you think of the ECB's decision? The truth is that a quarter down of a point was already discounted by the markes. Hence, not only the Ibex…

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Oops, Draghi did it again

From valenciaplaza.com | The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, fulfilled one more time what has become an uninspiring habit in relation to European equity markets and particularly in regard to the Spanish Ibex 35. Madrid closed Thursday with sharp declines again after the words of the Italian banker in the press conference that followed the meeting of the governing council of the central bank. In fact, the Spanish…

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The Ibex’s diem horribilis

The major European markets closed Wednesday in the negative, with losses of -0.93% for London and -0.78% for Frankfurt, while Paris scored +0.42%. But Milan with -2.6% and Madrid suffered the biggest falls. The Spanish stock market dropped 2.55% today and recorded a new annual minimum (6831.9 points) hurt by the slowdown in industrial activity in Europe, weak job creation in the United States and the decline of the banking sector. The hit could have been worse as during the session the index came to be over -3%, that is approaching…

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“Long-term investors should enter Ibex’ big names, dividends are very attractive”

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | Fernando Luque is editor and analyst at Morningstar. In a conversation with The Corner, Luque remarked that it is difficult to know whether the Spanish Ibex has already reached bottom, and added that long-term investments at current market prices seem more interesting. Wolfang Münchau wrote in the pages of the Financial Times that if Spain can’t reach the deficit target, it will be bad and if it…

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Spanish banks safe thanks to liquidity provided by the ECB, Barclays says

MADRID | Barclays analysts said in an investor note on Monday that further worsening in Spain’s case should be very limited, as government policies tackle the key problems with the right solutions, in spite of mistakes being made. Experts remained confident the financial sector has gained sufficient funding at least until 2015 after having taken advantage of the latest liquidity operation carried out by the European Central Bank. The report…