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Shareholders Rejected Only Three Proposals From Ibex Companies At The 2021 AGMs

Fernando Rodríguez | Ibex 35 companies encountered symbolic opposition to their proposed resolutions at the shareholders’ meetings held this year, according to Georgeson’s annual report on the 2021 season. Only three companies saw an item on the agenda of their meetings held in 2021 defeated: Acerinox, in April, which failed to approve a debt issue for 600 million euros; Amadeus, which saw its remuneration report rejected with 61.48% of votes against; and IAG, which also failed to push through its proposal to reduce the deadline for convening extraordinary general meetings to 15 days.

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Inditex, Iberdrola, Banco Santander, BBVA And Telefónica Are Preparing A Joint Effort To Purchase Medical Equipment

Spain’s top companies are preparing a joint effort to buy the necessary material for this health crisis, such as respirators or facemasks. Their intention is to coordinate, as best as possible, the donation of essential material, and not duplicate efforts. This important operation is estimated at around 150 million euros, at the rate of over 25 million per firm, according to internal sources who have confirmed it with news agency Colpisa. That said, each company decides on the amount it wants to contribute.