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That Lagarde’s speech [video]

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, was talking on Tuesday in Berlin about the obvious economic challenges in 2012, and a possible policy path for global cooperation to restore confidence and growth. Readers from around the peripheral European Monetary Union zone have convinced The Corner that Ms Lagarde’s words have achieved quite an echo among member states currently undergoing net austerity pressures. These are some of the most celebrated…

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Do Spanish banks need independent audit?

The International Monetary Fund is urging Spain to take a page from Ireland and use an independent auditor to evaluate its banks, saying that could boost confidence. Speaking to reporters during the annual meetings in Washington, Antonio Borges, IMF’s European department head, said this should be the right thing to do, since financial market fears of the situation in many European countries have become “excessive,” especially in regard to Italy…

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IMF sharply reduces US growth forecasts

From Bankia, a Wednesday alert on global economic developments: the International Monetary Fund warns that the global economy is entering yet another new dangerous phase: “activity is weakening across the board, the agents’ confidence has plummeted, regional disparities persist and there are increasing risks of downturns in all different scenarios. “The IMF has revised its general forecasts pointing out a significant downturn: global growth would stand at 4% for both…