COTEC Foundation Launches An Open Call To Combat Inequality Through Innovation

#PIA2022 will select innovation projects with which Cotec will actively collaborate to combat any type of social divide. In addition to funding (up to 40,000 euros), Cotec will provide knowledge, experience, projection, access, visibility and positioning. To participate, all you need to do is register a proposal in less than 100 words, before 10 February, through the COTEC website. The Cotec Foundation for Innovation is launching an open call to…


Switzerland Tops The Global Innovation Index 2021

Switzerland, Sweden and the United States top the global innovation ranking, according to the latest edition of the Global Innovation Index study carried out by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), with the collaboration of academic institutions such as the INSEAD business school. Spain is in 30th place, at the bottom of the list of Western European countries. The leading Latin American country is Chile (53rd), followed by Mexico (55th),…

Innovation is still missing in Spain

Innovation still in free-fall in Spain

A recent European Commission report on innovation indicators highlights that Spain is the third country, along with Lithuania, which has fallen behind the most in matters of innovation – after Romania and Hungary. Since the start of the crisis in 2008, Spain has lost an average of 0.8% annually in R&D output.

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China: Investing in the future

BEIJING | By Andy Xie via Caixin | Stimulus proposals won’t transform the economy in China, but spending on industrial research, building megacities and globalizing the white collar labor force will.

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China imposes new brand order

Chinese Internet companies such as Weibo, Baidu and Tencent are sophisticating their business models to offer innovative products and services.  This crucial change brings to the brands made in China greater value at a global level as they go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Haier’s Lesson for China

Iris Mir |Chinese brand Haier went from a disastrous inefficient brand to the world’s biggest household appliances manufacturer thanks to its CEO, Zhang Ruimin, innovative entrepreneurial thinking. The ideal scenario for China would be that many local brands could achieve Haier’s reputation and capacity for innovation. And thus they’d become Ambassadors of a new made in China, most sophisticated and exclusive. A substantial consolidation of domestic demand and the development of a new industrial structure may be paving the way for this dramatic transition to happen.


Weekend read | Spanish innovation? Construction and food, for starters

On the blog Nada es Gratis (There’s no such thing as free a lunch), the economics professor Gerard Llobet has published an article about what he believes will represent one of the key aspects in the future of Spain. What will businesses do if, as it is predicted, the construction sector will lose weight in the post-crisis Spain? Companies will hardly be able to compete with other countries with much lower…

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European efforts in innovation still lagging behind US, Japan

The EU is not closing the persistent gap with global innovation leaders US, Japan and South Korea. The European Commission on Tuesday published the results of its Innovation Union Scoreboard, which includes innovation indicators and trend analyses for the EU 27 Member States, as well as for Croatia, Iceland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey, and also compares a more reduced set of indicators between the…