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General government gross debt by sector of debt holder

No matter what, non-residents bet on French debt

MADRID | The Corner | While  markets are expressing their concerns about the French economy, institutional investors seem quite comfortable about the Hexagone’s situation: the debt share of non-residents is 57.3 %, according to Eurostat. Finland and Latvia are the top choices with 81.6 % and 80.0 % of their debt owned by non-residents. Check the graph above.


UK-based institutional investors favour executive pay linked to performance

LONDON | A study by The Share Centre revealed that there is a clear rejection among institutional investors with companies with director-level remuneration that often bears no relevance to the business model or the strategy of the organisation. The Accountability in Business report, which provides an inside-look at corporate governance amongst specialists and fund managers, highlighted this week a widespread belief that executive pay has become disproportionate to performance. Over 95% of…