Media: New offers and suppliers change business from scratch

The Corner via Deutsche Bank Research | For a long time, technological progress in the world of media has surpassed the improved image display via screen diagonal or contrast by far. This is not only shown by the gadgets which the TV viewer may use for his or her personal analysis of the games of the FIFA Football World Cup. This opens completely new opportunities and business models for the large field of visual media. 


Brazil’s Caixa Económica Federal hires Indra to trim costs

MADRID | Spanish technology corporation Indra signed two contracts with Brazil’s Caixa Económica Federal. Indra will provide communication system services for an estimated €37 million during a period of four years. The contracts include specialised technical services for the development and maintenance of information technology programmes related to product portfolio in loans and financing and risk management. Caixa Económica Federal, one of the largest banks in Brazil, is also the largest…