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Italian elections: Preliminary thoughts

LONDON | May 29, 2015 | By Fabio Fois (Barclays) | Given the large number of voters involved (slightly less than half those involved in last year’s European elections) and local governments contested, we believe the Italian elections represent an important test for the government and the structural reform agenda implemented so far.

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Italian Banks: Ongoing improvements, but uncertainty remains

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | We discuss the Italian economic and financial situation based on data and analysis contained in the November 2013 Bank of Italy Financial Stability Report. Following almost two years of recession in Italy, positive growth should resume in Q4 this year. After a likely 1.8% GDP contraction this year, we forecast a 0.8% expansion in 2014.

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Italy: Confidence improves, but challenges remain

LONDON | Barclays Reasearch | The market’s confidence has increased, but we still see important challenges that weigh on Italy’s outlook. Political instability is the main risk that could hamper Italy’s ability to tackle these issues.