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Prisa sells capital media

Prisa negotiates sale of Media Capital, its Portuguese subsidiary

Bankinter | The media company Prisa is negotiating exclusively with Cofina the sale of Media Capital, its Portuguese subsidiary. In the past it negotiated the same sale with Altice for 440 Mn€, but the competition authorities did not approce the operation.


The media: an intrinsically perverse market

MADRID | By Santiago Graiño Knobel via BBVAOpenMind | A market where the user is not the customer seems crazy, not to say perverse, seems impossible since it distorts the logical responsibilities of exchange and conceals the interests at stake, but the fact is that it does indeed exist: it’s the media. Recipients pay nothing, or amounts that usually do not even cover half the cost, and the media are owned by profit-making companies. And that, the author believes, leads to many problems.