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Turkey gives go-ahead for Sweden to become 32nd member of NATO

Banca March: With 287-55 votes, the Turkish parliament has voted in favour of the Nordic country’s membership, pending President Erdogan’s final signature. Unanimous support from the member states is required to become a member of the organisation, with Hungary now being the only country not to have given its approval. Sweden aspires to become the 32nd member since it applied to the alliance a year and eight months ago, with…

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Spain to miss NATO meeting with defence industry due to absence of national companies

Spain will boycott a meeting of NATO defence ministers with the defence industry on Thursday in protest at the Alliance’s decision not to invite any of Spain’s leading firms. Minister Margarita Robles, who will be in Brussels for a meeting with her 30 colleagues at NATO headquarters, will be absent from the room when the meeting begins, however, as she is very upset about the selection of companies, the opacity…

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NATO Summit: Sánchez To Meet With Biden Today At La Moncloa

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will finally receive the President of the United States, Joe Biden, this Tuesday at the Moncloa Palace. This will be with a view to staging what the Executive has endeavoured to ensure is a solid bilateral relationship after the failed meeting a year ago that ended in a brief chat lasting barely 30 seconds. The US president is travelling to Madrid for the NATO summit, an…


EU Defences Without American Hegemony

By Israel Rafalovich | Things have changed on the international political stage, and the European in particular, that gives the European Union an unprecedented opportunity to mould and shape its own military and foreign policy in a way that makes it possible for the EU to deal with crisis on the European continent and elsewhere without American interference.

NATO's military

Russia: Trump Will Make That Country Great Again

Xavier Colás (Moscow) | Although NATO is an alliance based on the sum of military power, emotions count for something in the day by day of the organisation. For the Russian president, NATO is another of the US’ foreign policy tools, where there are no allies “but just vassal states”.

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More Deficit?: Spain Obliged To Double Defence Budget

Someone like Donald Trump emerging on the world stage threatens to make too many changes in the status quo, some of which will have a particular impact on Europe’s economies and especially Spain. One area which appears likely to progress at a cruising speed in the short and medium-term is Defence spending. This is a particularly sensitive issue and one which Obama already tried to have modified during his mandate.