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Macron Should Go Ahead with Pension Reforms

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | Emmanuel Macron is reportedly mulling pension reforms that were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are risks: reforms will almost certainly spark protests, including from trade unions, which oppose raising the retirement age. Macron can ill-afford social unrest a year away from the election. But it could also burnish the French president’s reformist credentials after the COVID-19 crisis forced him into a more…

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Goodbye to the American Golden retirement?

NEW YORK | Times are tough for pensions. Retirement plans are not golden anymore. After the crisis, U.S. companies started to get rid of many pension funds or are allocating less money for them. And while the market has substantially recovered from the 2009 low, pension funds portfolios as well as supplemental savings and retirement accounts for individuals remain significantly smaller than they were at their peak. Last year, Standard…

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74pc of Britons envy their parents’ pensions, as unemployment rises

LONDON | The future is an economic frightening sight for the younger generations in the UK. Up to 79% of Britons anticipate their income as pensioners will be too low or inflation will erode their savings. Only 26% of people believe they will be better off than their parents when they retire. A survey released Wednesday by Vision Critical shows that more than 17.2 million of British people think their personal finances…