Rupert Murdoch

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Murdoch: the actual scandal

By Antonio Arroyo, in Madrid | All around the world, rivers of ink on the Rupert Murdoch affair continue to flow, but what most articles keep on ignoring is what may prove to be the hot potato of Mr Murdoch’s problems as the public opinion is not aware of ​​the corporate network that allows the magnate to circumvent –legally, of course– the tax charge that would be due according to…

Rupert Murdoch

Here’s why Rupert Murdoch can yet cause the UK to lose its triple A

That phone-hacking case, which has already led to the end of a newspaper that every morning scored more than 2.5 million readers after nearly 170 years of history, is now spiralling. It will sooner or later destabilise the British coalition government, and its impact on the markets will replicate the US' recent misstep. LONDON | The lesson former Crown correspondent at News of the World (NOTW) Clive Goodman has taught Rupert…