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The EC Launches A $48 Bn Plan To Position Europe As A Chip Production Powerhouse

The worldwide semiconductor shortage will continue during the first half of 2022 and could be extended, with some improvements, until 2023, according to a recent report by the consulting firm IDC. Europe has already prepared for this scenario with the European Chips Act presented yesterday in Brussels, a semiconductor law that aims to position Europe as a powerhouse in chip production. The EU aims to quadruple the production of microchips…

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Europe Is Running Out Of Semiconductors – Here’s What It Can Learn From Tech Survivor Osram

Michael Weinold via The Conversation | The shortage of semiconductor chips has exposed the vulnerability of European high-tech manufacturers that rely heavily on chip imports from Asia. The automotive sector alone, traditionally a European high-tech stronghold, is expected to take a US$110 billion (£79 billion) hit over the coming years as a result. In 2020, high-tech products represented approximately 20% of total exports from the European Union by value, with…

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What’s at stake in Trump’s war on Huawei: control of the global computer-chip industry

Clinton Fernandes (The Conversation) | Silicon Valley may now be more popularly associated with software companies such as Google and Facebook but it takes its name from the material most used to make semiconductors. Semiconductors – or computer chips – power everything from mobile phones to military systems. The semiconductor industry sits at the centre of the modern world. This point is key to appreciating what’s going on in the US government’s battle with Chinese technology giant Huawei.