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What If The Semiconductor Shortage Continues Until 2023?

Mirabaud | There has been a lot of talk about semiconductors and the extent of the shortage we’ve experienced since the start of the coronavirus crisis. However, while the consensus is betting on a return to normalcy in early 2022,we should perhaps look to 2023 instead, particularly because of the expansion of … cryptocurrencies.a. The factsDaimler AG’s chief executive yesterday warned that the global semiconductor shortage may not disappear completely…

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A two speed world of technology

Alphavalue | Europe could be lucky after all to have indices with a minimal technological/IT component. The semiconductor, software, computer and digital media sectors dominated by the US face two paradigm changes. The first was fairly easy to identify, even so it took time to arrive: a certain regulation of the personal data market through anti-monopoly measures. The second disagreeable surprise is Huawei.