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Negative rates: Ice age for savers

Asoka Wöhrmann (Deutsche AWM) | Negative interest rates are new economic territory. However, as yet, there is no sign of a major cash exodus to avoid sub-zero yields. 


Why the ECB doesn’t buy Spanish debt

By economist Jordi Paniagua, in Valencia | In principle, whether managing a company or the economy of a country, the message of do not spend more than earnings seems perfectly reasonable. Indeed, it has found a comfortable place in the collective mind. Even governments nowadays express themselves and their policies as though it were the stuff of domestic accounting. But enterprise and economy are quite different concepts. The manner in which…

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Skandia: Spanish bonds’ weakness containable, banks fully funded until 2015

LONDON | The latest Spanish financial turbulences are unlikely to start a new downturn for risk assets appetite, Skandia Investment said in a market commentary on Thursday. The investment management company believes that the recent weakness in Spanish bonds, although may become a new phase of the euro zone debt crisis, should not affect equities and other risk assets. Rupert Watson, head of asset allocation at Skandia Investment Group, remarked that…

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Friday’s chart says Spanish bond sales are fine, thanks

Before someone else sets sight on this graph and rolls out the Armageddon tale about the fall of the euro empire because of Spain’s disgrace, we would like to make available this explanation, which came via Madrid-based Link Securities. Is this chart indicative of a trend change in terms of buyer appetite of investors? “We think not. The abundance of liquidity in the system and its channelling by the banks (mainly residents) into assets with a profitable spread, should serve to maintain the strength of demand in future Spanish…

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The Spanish LTRO2 correlation

Long term refinancing operation 2 or liquidity injections into Spanish credit entities via the European Central Bank rose in February to €152.432 billion from €133.177 in January. But, contrary to what most European banks seem to be doing, that is, parking capital in the central bank’s deposit facility, Spain’s banks prefer to take advantage of the rate gap and let slip in profits by purchasing sovereign debt. Bond holdings have…


Weekend read | China does help the euro, in Spain: ask their central bank

For months now the Spanish and international press have been announcing an imminent salvage of the battered European economy by the Chinese. What seems to be true is that it is something that is never confirmed, just rumours, no actual, concrete action on the part of China. This is the idea that is floating around the City in London and among the Anglo-Saxon commentators, especially among those who most favour…

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Spain sells more bonds than expected, paying 1% less

MADRID | The Spanish investment website Consenso del Mercado reported about the Spanish Treasury’s positive results in placing its bonds on Tuesday. Spain’s public Treasury sold over €4.941 billion in bonds at 12 and 18 months, more than expectations marked, at considerably lower rates than in previous auctions. This means that Spain has passed the first market test after the agreements that were reached last week in Brussels. With this sale, the…