Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ Disappointed Investors

After being hyped up by CEO Elon Musk in the run up to it, Tesla’s ‘battery day’ disappointed investors, as the new innovations unveiled remain years away. The firm’s share price closed the day 5.6% down, then slumped further in after-hours trading, after Musk clarified that some of the technologies showcased are “close to working” and require a “a ton of work from here to there.”

Tesla And Other Bubbles That Are Not Seen Until They Burst

Manuel Moreno Capa | From a practical point of view for the investor, Tesla is not really a car company. As opposed to selling cars, what it actually sells are expectations, future, potential. More or less the same as what many “dotcom” firms sold. That’s why its stock price is so crazy. But if at some point it became a simple car manufacturer, it would end up being valued as rigorously as the rest of the sector, irrespective of how advanced its models were.


The driving forces of Elon Musk

BEIJING | By W. Jiapeng, H. Haoyi, Z.Shiyun and G. McCubbing via Caixin | The second time around to China has offered much more promise than the first some two years ago, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors Inc, said in an interview with Caixin. In three or four years, Musk plans to have cars produced in China, which will mean setting up a joint venture with a local partner, influencing the car industry to move faster in the direction of electric cars.