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Fernando Barciela has been a regular collaborator for Spain's leading daily El Pais' business section since 1994. He is also a regular collaborator on foreign policy. For Grupo Consejeros he interviews the top executives of Spain's listed companies. He was a correspondent with Diario de Noticias, Portugal's leading daily newspaper, in 1987-2004. He has a degree in Business Science and Journalism from the Complutense University.
ECB's rates hikes

The Banks Sweep On The ECB Ahead Of Expected Rate Hikes

The certainty that we are on the threshold of a phase of consistent interest rate rises – the Fed could implement two or three further hikes this year – is spurring the European banks to endow themselves with liquidity from the ECB, at low prices.

Spanish ports workers on strike

Spanish Ports Will Lose Cargo To Other European Docks Just Temporarily

Over the last few weeks, Spanish businessmen’s concern has increased over the fact Spanish ports are becoming less effective due to the stevedore’s work-to-rule. According to business sources, currently it’s taking almost twice the amount of time to arrange a ship’s entrance into port, which also has direct consequences on the transport service.

legal security in Spain

Open debate: Does Spain have a lot, a little or no legal security

The eternal debate as to whether Spain has a quality democracy, with a level of legal security on a par with Europe, has recently become topical again following the courts’ decisions in the cases of Urdangarin and the “black” credit cards. Weeks before legal security also appeared because of the courts’ ruling related to the floor clauses.

Spanish renewables

Spain Is Betting On Renewables Again Now They Are “Cheap”

There is no question about the importance of the renewables auction due to take place between now and June if we take into account that installed renewables power in Spain (excepting hydraulic) is 31.216 Mw. So in other words, the new installations will increase this energy park by 10%.

helena Dos Santons on stock markets

“Multiple products help to deepen stock markets”

“The stock market’s relevance and its trading volumes increase to the extent there is a good derivatives market, given that this helps neutralise part of the risk of exposure to the stocks. In this sense, multiple products help to deepen the market.”

Spanish Utilities

Spanish Utilities Accuse The Government Of Damaging Their Reputation

The majority of the population in Spain put the blame for their excessively high electricity bills exclusively on the electricity companies which, in the end, only get paid a third of the bill for generation. This situation has enraged the companies who are more and more daring in their criticisms of the government – the current and previous ones – for their energy policies.