Javier Milei to be new president of Argentina after winning election with 55.69% of votes

MileiJavier Milei

With a turnout of 76% and 99.26% of the polling stations counted, the leader of La Libertad Avanza obtained 55.69% of the votes compared to Sergio Massa’s 44.30%. Moreover, he did so in all provinces. Milei won the elections by proposing a radical change in the system in a country jaded by traditional politics, which has experienced a 142% increase in inflation in the last 12 months and a 50% devaluation of its national currency.

Milei, the anarcho-capitalist economist who became famous throughout Argentina for his televised attacks on the state and who has established himself as one of the biggest outsiders in Latin American politics, will be the country’s new president. This was acknowledged by Sergio Massa, the Peronist candidate running against him in the second round of Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday.

“Obviously, the results are not what we expected. And I have communicated with Javier Milei to congratulate him and wish him luck, because he is the president that the majority of Argentines elected for the next four years,” Massa admitted at 20:10 local time, ahead of the official results.

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