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The ECB bets on buying private debt

The ECB Bets On Buying Private Debt

The ECB purchased €20.3bn of QE assets over Jan. Only 61% of the purchases were done in public sector bonds, much lower than the 80% average over 2016-18. This confirms the view of BoA Global Research that QE will now be more focused on corporates & covereds. The country breakdown of monthly PSPP is much more volatile now. In CSPP there are interesting secondary and sectorial flows.

European telcos face the challenge of sustainable investment in 2020

European Telecoms Face The Challenge Of Sustainable Investment In 2020

Telecom networks have high energy consumption. Companies in the sector are now taking steps to improve their energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy, network sharing, etc. According to Morgan Stanley, the use of green bonds to finance projects (5G, fibre optic) will increase. About €3.5 billion of the current debt could be refinanced annually via this kind of bond.

The EBA proposes modifying stress tests

The EBA Proposes Modifying Stress Tests

The new European Banking Authority (EBA) proposal will be analysed and discussed by the parties involved up until April 30, with a public discussion session on February 21. It will give banks more room for manoeuvre in the calculation of their projections. That said, the agency has insisted standards will have to remain high. The banks will have to continue detailing capital requirements, major risk factors or exposure data.

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The Difficulties Of The Industrial Sector: Will There Be Contagion To Services?

CaixaBank Research | The weakness of the industrial sector, which we have recently analysed, is one of the major factors behind the slowdown in the global economy and, in particular, that of the euro area. However, the resilience exhibited by the services sector, which accounts for the bulk of economic activity,continues to drive growth and gives continuity to the expansion. But just how resilient has the services sector really proven to be? Is there a risk of contagion from industrial weakness?


ECB Preview: Could Come Across With Hawkish Tone

The ECB meeting this week should be a non-event, but risks are for a hawkish surprise in tone. We will be all ears on two elements: the timeline and the motivation for the review that starts this week and finishes before the end of 2020.

EU Green Deal: Bold headlines, elusive impact

Green Deal: Bold Headlines, Elusive Impact

Norbert Rücker (Head of Economics & Next Generation Research, Julius Baer) | The outline of the EU Green Deal, was announced yesterday with an overwhelming price tag underpinning its ambitions.The outline is comprehensive but vague, and the impact is elusive to date. Market forces continue to drive the transition.