World economy

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Prices in the EU: still stable

Inflation in the euro area remains anchored at 2.4 percent, although differentials between countries are growing. Analysts at CaixaBank warn governments about raising VAT rates to increase income.


China and EU: agree to disagree

The European Commission accuses China of subsidising its production at home and selling at an uncompetitive low price in Europe. But these days, China is heavily investing in the Old Continent, and some euro zone governments like Germany favour a soft approach instead of fines.

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Change rapidly nearing Equatorial Guinea

After 44 years, this former Spanish colony feels tired of Teodoro Obiang’s dictatorship. New times will bring much needed updates to the country’s business sector. Spanish companies have an important role to play, says Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo.


Italy’s real GDP faring worse than its neighbours’

Out of the markets’ spotlight, the Italian economy isn’t actually improving. Brussels must balance its ‘whenever in doubt apply a budget-cut’ policy: when GDP deterioration reaches too low a point, that makes urgent structural reforms implausible.


Indeed, poor rich children

In London and Madrid, NGO Save the Children has given a word of alert: the economic crisis is hitting hard those who are more vulnerable. Medicines and food aren’t as available as they should be to them.

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The Japanese liquidity trap

Economist Luis Arroyo peeks at Japan’s monetary policy with some sense of vertigo. Deflation has become a real threat for the country’s recovery and should be fought sooner than later.