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Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong protests: threat to regional stability

Shaun Riordan │ The Hong Kong protests have now entered their tenth week. Over the weekend protestors are reported to have fought running battles with the police in the Metro system. The police have had recourse to batons and tear gas. The dangers for Hong Kong´s political and economic future are clear. But the dangers are much broader than Hong Kong. Markets should be watching carefully.

The economic cold war between the US and China is here to stay

The Economic Cold War Between The US And China Is Here To Stay

The prospect of a settlement to the conventional elements of the trade war is helping sentiment. As discussed by Mark Tinker, Head of AXA Framlington Equities in Asia, it is in everybody’s interest to settle the tariff issue. However, the policies aimed (perhaps quixotically) at trying to limit Chinese growth, are very much still on the table. The issues over Huawei are perhaps the most visible aspect of this, but it does introduce a level of policy-dependent idiosyncratic risk for portfolios.


Is The Next US Recession Close?

A recession is triggered when the economy contracts for two consecutive quarters. One or two negative readings about GDP may make little sense. But when it is various key indicators which are beginning flash red for a prolonged period, the image becomes clearer and more significant. In opinion of D. Spence y J. Franz, this moment has still not arrived in the US.

From El Padrino pizzas to the Federal Reserve

From The Godfather pizzas to the Federal Reserve

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | Donald Trump could nominate Herman Cain, an eccentric businessman who has accumulated various scandals and a questionable economic baggage, as a board member of the Federal Reserve. Cain is famous for having directed the El Padrino pizza chain and also for having been a senior executive at Burger King.

The second Reich: From these events comes today's realities

The Second Reich: From These Events Comes Today’s Realities

The crimes of the III Reich, product of Adolf Hitler, still horrify. But no-one remembers the II Reich, whose Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, is no less execrable than his successor, at least outside Europe. We can thank proofs like “Guilt and Debt” of the German Dierk Schmidt, exhibited at the Velazquez Palace (Madrid) until 10 March.

Is it the time up for Nicolás Maduro?

Is The Time Up For Nicolás Maduro?

Leonardo Vivas | Until January this year, Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s strongman, seemed to have overcome all the obstacles in his battle for political survival. But after a few years preaching in the wilderness, the country’s democratic forces found a new energy with Juan Guaidó.

Populism vs populism

Populism Vs Populism

Chandra Roy | There are two kinds populism. The first, those who have fought against the established patriarchy and rampant racism which has unfortunately contaminated our species. The second kind is the new under capped factions fighingt against the very principle of favouritism which was initially endeavoured to be eradicated by the first wave of populism.