Just 8 percent of Greece’s 1.27 mln registered unemployed receive benefits

Quoting figures supplied by Greece’s jobs bureau, the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), the newspaper reports that 1,172,817 out of a total of 1,274,843 people in Greece registered as unemployed do not receive the monthly 360-euro benefit.

This means that just 102,026 jobless Greeks, or 8 percent of the total unemployed, enjoy financial assistance.

Those without jobs in Greece receive unemployment benefits only for the first 12 months they are out of work and even then only qualify for the monthly payment if they have amassed a certain amount of social security credits in previous years.

According to OAED, since 2014 the number of registered unemployed has risen by 45 percent, while the number of Greeks receiving benefits has plummeted by 47 percent.

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