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“Family Owned” More Convincing

Analysts at Carax- Alphavalue have been holding sceptical views as a rule about the benefits of holding stakes in companies held by families or under their influence. However they may have to change their mind thanks to a couple of charts of the relative performance of a universe made of 104 stocks tagged as “under family influence”. They hence provides a list of “family” stocks with a significant upside potential, which includes Spanish Corporación Financiera Alba ranking first, and Acciona fourth.

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Constructors: The Erroneous Stigma Of The “Spanish Company”

Fernando Rodríguez | Barely 10% of Spain’s 6 listed constructors’ business is generated at home. But problems like the recent cancellation of the real estate plan included in Madrid’s Operacion Chamartin, due to the decision of the city council which is close to Podemos, are all contributing to maintaining the generic perception that they are “Spanish companies” subject to political risk.