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Why Trade and the Environment Need Each Other

Allan Bollard via Caixin | Concerns about the impact of global trade and growth on environmental protection and sustainability, and vice versa, are longstanding and not without cause. Yet, the advancement of these 21st century priorities is not an either/or proposition. To the contrary, they can and must go hand in hand.

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Trade as a confidence-building measure in Asia

By Volker Stanzel via Caixin | The world debate may be preoccupied with crises in the Middle East and in eastern Ukraine and with ISIS and fighting Ebola. Yet, tensions in East Asia have not subsided. Even though the region has seen quite a remarkable level of peace since China’s war against Vietnam in 1978-79, there is a new uncertainty.

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China fighting the elements

The Communist Party slows down Beijing to ensure a pollution-free capital during the APEC Summit (Nov 9-11).  Information about the world’s second economy is often distorted due to a lack of understanding of China and the nuances within.  With the attention of the international community and foreign media on the country, the APEC Summit constitutes a golden opportunity for the country.