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Europe becomes first region to set AI regulatory standards

Banca March: The European Parliament approves the first regulatory standards for Artificial Intelligence. Europe becomes the first region to set fundamental rights and security standards for the dark side of this type of technology. It is expected to enter into force in May, although it is not thought it well be implemented until 2026. The regulation contemplates the classification of applications according to risk, in order to assign a series…


Alphabet launches “Bart” AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT

Banca March | The search engine Google has announced the launch of Bart, an artificial intelligence chatbot to compete with Open-AI’s popular ChatGPT. For the time being, the US multinational communications services company has opened access to the intelligent assistant to a limited number of users in the United States and the United Kingdom, in order to detect possible failures. Like ChatGPT, Bart is a chatbot that can be conversed…

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The First Map Of AI In Spain Detects 209 Key Players In Business Digitisation

Iberinform | Who will drive the digitalisation of the Spanish economy? That is the question that the Map of Artificial Intelligence in Spain prepared by Iberinform, in collaboration with AI-Network and BigData Magazine, tries to answer. The result is a business and educational ecosystem made up of 209 key players that will have a multiplier effect on the digitisation of our business network. According to the results, 161 Spanish companies…


How AI Is Being Used To Tackle Covid-19

Chris Gannatti (WisdomTree) |Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proliferating more widely than ever before, having the potential to influence many aspects of daily life. Crisis periods, like we have seen with the Covid-19 pandemic, are often catalysts for the deployment of new innovations and technologies more quickly. The power of AI is being harnessed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, whether that be to better understand the rate of infection or by tracing and quickly identifying infections.

China is already challenging the US as the dominant leader in e-commerce, fin-tech, robotics

New Technologies: What Are They And How Do They Affect The Economy?

Caixabank Research | To date, technological change has been key to the economic and social development of the human race. Despite this, the technological revolution that we are currently experiencing, with artificial intelligence (AI) at the helm, is a source of not only wonder but also some misgivings. These misgivings may be due to the new nature of the technologies of the future and the disruptive effects they could have on our economy and society. At the same time, these new technologies could be key to the revival of economic growth that is faltering so much in our European environment.


When Machines Think for Themselves: the AI Threat

A future in which machines are more intelligent than humans still seems the realm of science fiction. Just trying to use the voice search function on your smartphone might suggests this is the case, and that machines won’t be dominating the world for a long time to come.