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BBVA Posted Net Attributable Profit Of €4.653 Billion

BBVA Group posted a recurring profit of €5.07 billion in 2021, the highest in the past ten years, thanks to the positive evolution of revenues and lower loan-loss provisions. Including non-recurring impacts, the net attributable profit rose to €4.65 billion, 3.6 times higher than the €1.31 billion registered in 2020. In terms of growth it acquired a record of almost nine million new customers. The net tangible book value per…

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With The Turkish Lira At Historic Lows, BBVA Launches A €2.25 billion Takeover Bid For The 51% Stake In Turkey’s Garanti It Does Not Control

BBVA, which currently holds 49.85% of the capital of Turkish bank Garanti has agreed to launch a voluntary takeover bid for the remaining 50.15% it does not hold. BBVA is offering Garanti’s shareholders 12.20 Turkish Liras in cash for each share of the Company. This is a 15% premium to the 10.58 Turkish lira at which the bank’s shares were trading on Friday 12 November. The maximum amount to be…

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BBVA Beats Expectations In Q3 2021; Receives ECB Approval To Start Its Share Buyback Programme For Up To 10% Of Capital

According to analysts, the most important aspect of the results is the favourable evolution of Ordinary Net Attributable Profit and the capital surplus, the main catalyst for the share price in Q4 2021. Key figures for 9M 2021 compared to consensus expectations (Bloomberg): Net Interest Income: €10.708bn (-3.7% vs -8.0% in H1 2021 vs €10.567bn e); Gross Margin: €15.589bn (-0.2% vs -3.6% in 6M 2021 vs €15. 530 bn e);…

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BBVA Returns To The Euro Stoxx 50 One Year Later

BBVA and Stellantis have been added to the Euro Stoxx 50, replacing Amadeus and Engie. These changes will be effective at the opening of trading on 20 September. According to Bankinter analysts, “BBVA and Stellantis should rebound today, despite the fact that the session will probably be somewhat bearish, while Amadeus and Engie should fall back. And this same evolution could extend over several sessions. We estimate that some 27…


A Santander-BBVA Merger Would Be Lower Risk Than Other European Banking Operations, According To A&M Firm

A hypothetical merger between Banco Santander and BBVA would mean the largest merger in European banking. It would also have a high return on investment and low integration risk, according to the services firm Alvarez & Marsal and reported by Europa Press. In its latest report called ‘The Pulse of European Banking’, the firm has analysed merger and acquisition opportunities amongst the major European banks in terms of investor return,…

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Fitch Lowers BBVA’s Long-Term Senior Debt Rating By One Notch To A –

The main reasons for the downgrade are the economic deterioration in the regions where the bank is present, especially Mexico and Spain. However, it also flags that even after losing a rating notch, BBVA has sufficient financial cushion, geographical diversification and a good competitive position in its reference markets to avoid being affected by new downward revisions in the short term.

BBVA aims to become the financial partner for British SMEs and freelancers

BBVA Aims To Become The Financial Partner For British SMEs And Freelancers

Holvi, the digital banking startup for freelancers acquired in 2016 by BBVA, has announced its entry into the United Kingdom, the third largest market it has broken into after Germany and Finland. Its aim is to become the financial partner of British SMEs and freelancers, thanks to its range of digital accounting tools.



Santander and BBVA best positioned for cut in ECB deposit rate

Bankinter analysis team believes that the cut in the deposit rate to -0.50% (from -0.4%) further penalises keeping excess liquidity in the ECB. Tiering (or the method of charging in tranches) only partially mitigates the impact with a volume of up to six times the coefficient of obligatory reserves (currently 1.0%) exempt. This favours banks with higher and more internationally diversified ratios of credit investment/typical resources like Banco Santander and BBVA.


BBVA honorary chairman Gonzalez leaves board amid spying probe

One day before the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the former president of BBVA announced on Thursday by letter that he is temporarily leaving the positions that bind him to the entity (he is the honorary president of the bank and the Foundation) until the end of the investigation of the Villarejo case, in which BBVA is related to a supposed espionage of politicians, businessmen and journalists when González occupied the presidency.