The LatAm lifeline of Spain’s big banks

Spain’s largest banks have built up a bigger footprint in Latin America to hedge against recession-hit European markets. Their bet is now paying off. The economies of the region are still expanding.

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BBVA becomes the first Spanish bank to open a branch in Taiwan

BBVA’s representative office in Taipei, set up in 2006, is now a full branch. The entity is now the first Spanish bank to open a branch in Taiwan and the first European bank to open one since the financial crisis began. BBVA began building its Asian franchise over 30 years ago and now has operations in the continent’s main financial centers. The Taipei branch will be added to the group’s…

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Emerging economies heat up global tourism activity

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In the last six years citizens’ expenditure from emerging and fast growing economies in international tourism services has more than doubled, whereas in the G7’s it has barely grown. The gap in the aggregate expenditure is closing very fast, according to BBVA recent research. While in 2005 the total of the emerging block was only a quarter of the G7’s, in 2011 it was more…


Goldman Sachs forecasts 50pc price increase for Santander, BBVA

MADRID | Finance daily newspaper Expansion reported Tuesday that investment bank Goldman Sachs expects Santander and BBVA stock price to go up by 50 percent, according to an analysts’ note. The confidence of Goldman Sachs experts goes far beyond the two big Spanish banks, too. All medium-sized banks in Spain had their ratings updated with higher value, apart from Bankinter, whose share price was reduced to €2.70 or 10% lower than at Monday’s close. The punishment Spain’s banking…

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Santander, BBVA surpass €1 billion profit in Q1 2012: the geographical key

MADRID | Banco Santander registered a net attributable profit of €1.604 billion in the first quarter of 2012, a decline of 24% year on year. Santander, that released Thursday its results for the January-March period of this year, noted that this decline was mainly due to the significant increase in provisions for non-performing loans, which rose by 51% to €3.127 billion. Banco Santander revenues in the first quarter grew by more than…

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CaixaBank+Banca Cívica = Spain’s €342-billion leading financial group

Should Banco Santander and BBVA watch out for this one? The absorption of Banca Cívica, approved on Monday by Caixabank’s board, will create the leading bank in the Spanish market, with assets of €342 billion, stock market capitalization in excess of €16 billion, 14 million customers and an average Spanish market share in deposits of 14.0%, in customer loans of 13.4% and in total assets of 10.5%. CaixaBank will become…