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Brexit: From Brothers To Distant Cousins

CaixaBank Research (Álvaro Leandro | What consequences the agreement for the UK exit from the EU will end up having remains to be seen and will depend on how trade and foreign investment between the UK and Europe evolve, as well as London’s prevalence as an international financial hub. In Europe, the impact will be mixed across the different economies, depending on their trade and financial links with the United Kingdom.

Four resignations in the cabinet of Theresa May are jeopardizing the Brexit deal agreement

The Brexit Agreement That Does Not Please Anyone

Despite the initial euphoria after an agreement was reached with Brussels on the UK separation from the EU, this was not easy for PM Theresa May. This morning, four resignations on her cabinet in just a couple of hours, meant the biggest blow to May’s leadership, and therefore sterling.

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Brexit: The Countdown Has Begun

Orsolya Raczova | The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, but because of the necessary ratification procedures of an agreement, the plan was to reach a deal by the EU summit starting October 18. Although this deadline has been extended to mid-November, there is still worry that no deal would be reached.