Madrid-Barcelona doors still wide open

Something happened Friday September 28. Catalonia sold €2 billion in bonds and Spain’s Treasury minister announced that the regions rescue fund is now open for business to provide capital aid to Barcelona. The central government has a strong case to deactivate the Catalan conflict while reassuring markets with a restructuring plan of the state’s administration.

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It’s the Catalan economy, stupid!

While national identity tensions belong to an ongoing debate, the fiscal irritation that Catalonia feels can be easily soothed. Madrid must offer a fairer treatment to a region whose economic output sets the best hopes for Spain to exit the crisis.

Independence challenges: English temperance versus Spanish passion

MADRID | Whereas London has gone to battle in the Scottish independence referendum, Madrid would rather focus on the dire situation of the state finances and a looming rescue when challenged by Catalan independentists. Carlos Díaz Guell believes the Spanish government has no spare strength to spend.

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Barcelona challenges Madrid

The Catalonian regional government has filed a request for help warning Madrid it will not accept any condition linked to such rescue. For a Cabinet…

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Catalan external balance goes foreign

The implications of recent developments in Catalonia's export activity are bound to agitate the political scene of the region more than its economic stand, which…