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Gross issues could grow 8% in 2023 to €830 B; with corporate issues rising 20%, banks up 1%

Santander Corporate & Investment | The rally in the secondary market will boost the primary market. This is a phenomenon which is not new. There are clear examples in 2009, 2012, 2019 and the second half of 2020, where the improvement in the markets translated into increases in gross issues of 115%, 78%, 37% and 17% respectively. We believe this pattern could be repeated in 2023, above all during a…

Spain´s public deficit in 2017 was the highest in the EU

The Cost Of New €IG Debt Has Increased By 344bp In 2022 to 4%; Almost Three Times Cost Of Existing Debt

Santander’s analysts explain that the primary is practically closed. The strong market volatility has been accompanied by an almost total closure of the European primary. With only €2.3 billion in the week and with little investor appetite, as orders barely covered the nominal amount of the issue (average b/c of 1.2x). Most of the issues were of a defensive nature, being covered bonds (€750mn) and senior IG debt (€1mm), while…

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Brussels Warns Spain Of High Debt And Unemployment Risks

The European Commission officially advocates maintaining the suspension of fiscal rules in 2023. However, it warns that Spain is dragging serious “vulnerabilities” with “cross-border relevance” and fears that public indebtedness will be higher in 2026 than in 2021. “Spain is experiencing imbalances,” the European Commission warned yesterday as it released its spring package of recommendations. It warned that its “vulnerabilities relate to high external debt, public and private, in a…

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Telefónica’s Revenues Increased By 3% (EUR 10.883 billion) While Earnings Fell By 20% (EUR 706 million) In Q1’22;Confirms Dividend

The group’s turnover amounted to 10.883 billion euros, an increase of 3.2%. By markets, Spain accounted for 28% of revenues, Hispam 20%, Brazil 18%, Germany 18% and the UK 14%. Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (Oibda) rose 2.1% to 3.753 billion euros, due particularly to Latin America, whose Oibda jumped 50%. Sales grew in all markets, such as Germany, the UK and Spain, and double-digit growth in Brazil and…

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The Spanish Treasury Pays For Debt Again

Fernando González Urbaneja | In recent years the European Central Bank, in addition to ensuring price stability (an objective it has achieved), has tried to sustain and stimulate the euro economies by supplying all the credit necessary and at the lowest price imaginable, practically zero. States have benefited from this policy by issuing debt at no cost, even with a few tenths of a yield. The ECB has done its…

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China Continued To Deleverage Towards The End Of 2021 Thanks To The Corporate Sector But With An Increase In Government Debt

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | China’s debt-to-GDP ratio continued to decrease in Q4 2021 to 264.3% from 266.5% in Q3. Notwithstanding the deleverage path in 2021, the debt is still much higher than the pre-pandemic one (247.5% in Q4 2019). Chinese corporates contributed the most to the deleveraging process, as their debt to GDP ratio further dropped to 155.1% in Q4 2021 from 158.3% in Q3 2021. Because of the…

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Spanish Treasury Proposes €75 Bn Net Issuance By 2022, A Level Similar To That Of 2021

Bankinter | The Treasury announced on Monday its Financing Strategy for 2022. The Treasury ended 2021 with total Gross issuance of €264.312 billion and Net issuance of €75.138 billion, -25% below the proposed target and -31.6% below 2020 net issuance. The average cost of debt issued amounted to -0.04% and that of outstanding debt stood at 1.64% (from 1.86% at the end of 2020).


Telefónica Reports 9.335 Billion Euros Profit To September; Reduces Debt To 25 billion

Telefónica has reported a record profit of 9.335 billion euros in the year to September – in the third quarter, on a like-for-like basis, profit was 706 million. The 9-months’ figures include the extraordinary results from the divestment of Telxius (around 3.5 billion euros) and the joint venture with Virgin Media in the UK (another 3 billion). These operations have also enabled the company to cut its debt by 31%…

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Spain: Corporate And Household Debt Increased By 1.8% In The Last Year To 144.2% Of GDP

The financial wealth of Spanish households increased by 5.1% in the last year to stand at 214.1% of GDP. The Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy, published by the Bank of Spain, show that consolidated corporate and household debt reached €1.673 billion in the second quarter of 2021 (144.2 % of GDP), 1.8 % above the €1.644 billion recorded a year earlier (140.5 % of GDP). The increase in the…

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Which Countries Have The Highest Levels Of Corporate Debt?

A new study by Utility Bidder revealed the countries and industries with the highest level of corporate debt. Luxembourg was the country with the highest debt, at 391.54% of their GDP, whilst the restaurant/dining industry was the sector with the highest debt percentage of its total capital at 113.82%. Is covering the findings of interest? Every country has debt in many forms, such as: public debt, personal private debt, and…