Greece: Public deficit and democratic duty

ATHENS | By Nick Malkoutzis via MacroPolis | A newspaper article on Sunday, quoting an allegedly secret report by officials at Greece’s General Accounting Office and the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), claims that the country’s deficit figure in 2009 was “over-dramatised” (or “sexed up” if you prefer) by the PASOK government that took over in October of that year. 


Weekend read | It’s the democracy, stupid!: capitalism and equality

Gustavo Matías, in Madrid | State or capital markets, regulations or freedom, financials or the real economy,  equality or inequality, inclusiveness or mobility: these are some of the dichotomies that explain the present and future of capitalism. The debate has been lately reopened mainly in British soil, by the media big guns such as the Financial Times. However, major imbalances affect nowadays the whole of Europe or the emerging countries, where not enough…


Corruption: trending now in the EU

Three quarters of Europeans see corruption as a major problem at all levels of government, and 8pc of respondents to the latest Eurobarometer survey say that they have been asked or expected to pay a bribe in 2011. Not only corruptions remains a major problem in the European Union but levels are thought to have risen over the last three years. The picture of Europeans’ sentiment regarding abuse is compelling, to…