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CoCos May Not Be As Good As They Look…But Investors Don’t Care

The European banks are having nothing but trouble in the last few months. And if they needed something else to further cloud their outlook – negative interest rates, meagre margins, increasing capital demands…- doubts have begun to emerge lately over whether the sector can continue to pay the high interest on the so-called CoCos (Contingent Convertible Capital Instruments), contingent convertible bonds.


EU banks reach debt holdings all-time high

MADRID | The Corner | European banks have increased their holdings of govies in June by +0.1% m/m (+1.4% y/y), with one somewhat higher increase in the periphery (+ 0.6% m/m and – 1.2% y/y), mostly of a +8.6% in Ireland and +1.8% of Portugal. According to the ECB, EU lenders have reached a new all-time high of 1.8trn debt holdings, while peripheral banks are approaching 2013 numbers (€830bn vs €840bn in June 2013).

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Did Deutsche Bank plan to go viral right before its capital increase?

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | If you haven’t watched it, here’s Deutsche Bank’s co-head of corporate banking and securities Colin Fan scolding City traders and trying to convince the world that they’ve done some ménage after the crisis. Remember that the lender paid a €725m penalty to the EU in the Libor scandal; the biggest single fine in a total of €1.7bn charged to six banks.“Being boastful, indiscreet or vulgar is not okay. It will have serious consequences for your career,” Mr Fan warned its staff. Instead of an email, the bank chose the formula of an “internal” video… which went viral just before the German lender started making headlines for its plans of selling €8bn worth of new shares. A plan that is supposed to catapult Deutsche out of the ranks of the worst capitalized banks in Europe -from 9.5 per cent to 11.8 per cent.

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Santander branded best global bank in Euromoney’s Awards

LONDON | Spain's giant Santander must be doing something right. Santander was named best global bank while Deutsche Bank was awarded the title of best global investment bank at Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence ceremony in London last night. The best global bank award was collected personally by Santander’s chairman, Emilio Botín, a gesture that probably intended to demonstrate his UK shareholders and clients that the British branch have a top place…

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Barclays, Deutsche Bank play nasty in troubled Spain

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | German and British banks are trying to woo the economic elite of the Spanish society, “la crème de la crème” of wealthy Spaniards. Or, in plain English: the ones with the big bucks. The uncertainty over the Spanish future is making the depositors nervous, and banks from the UK and Germany are trying to take advantage. According to this article of the online daily El Confidencial Digital, foreign…


Deutsche Bank issues its first €15 billion in bonds, mortgage notes in Spain

MADRID |Deutsche Bank changed its financing strategy by registering a fixed income prospectus in Spain for the first time in history, as reported by the Spanish journal Expansión. The German entity will issue mainly bonds and mortgage notes for an amount of €15 billion, according to the initial information document, which has been sent to the Spanish Securities Exchange Commision or CNMV. Sources at the bank said that “this decision proves…