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Perseverare Diabolicum

Last week the Council decided that Spain and Portugal’s recent efforts to reduce deficit were not enough. This lead to the two countries being fined, the first time this happens since the inception of the euro.


Save Preseurop II

‘A window on the lives of Europeans is shut’

MADRID| By  The corner team via Presseurop|In a time when Europe is trying to reinforce its identity it is very difficult to understand that the European Comission has decided to end its financial support to such an intelligent project as Presseurop, the first Pan-european multilingual news and debate site. Its closing down on Friday marks the end of a journalistic experiment with civic dimension, says the European press.


Who will audit Brussels?

By Carlos Díaz Guell, in Madrid | Following the steps taken by the Spanish government to increase the requirements of capital provisions to the banking system from 7% to 30%, that is some €30 more billion, the Eurogroup, seen the distrust generated by the Bank of Spain’s actions, asked the Rajoy government to commission an independent valuation of property assets on the balance sheets of financial institutions. The international financial authorities and…