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Innovation is still missing in Spain

Innovation still in free-fall in Spain

A recent European Commission report on innovation indicators highlights that Spain is the third country, along with Lithuania, which has fallen behind the most in matters of innovation – after Romania and Hungary. Since the start of the crisis in 2008, Spain has lost an average of 0.8% annually in R&D output.

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Sharing Economy: Europe Gives Guidance

Julius Baer Research | | Marketplace companies active in the Sharing Economy such as Uber and AirBnB (both not listed) are combining social networks, Big Data analytics and mobile accessibility. Last week, the European Commission (EC) issued guidelines to harmonise the often wildly different treatment faced by businesses trying to shake up sectors ranging from accommodation to transport across the Eurozone.

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Juncker Plan still raising some doubts

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The European Commission has finally launched its promised €315bn plan to revive the continents stagnating economy. With concerns abounding about creating more debt within Members States, Brussels has turned to financial engineering to fill the investment gap with a very modest €21bn. The aim of the Juncker plan is to ultimately produce 1.3 million new jobs over the next three years.

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No `serious` fault found, France, Italy 2015 budgets pass EU review

MADRID | The Corner | The European Commission said on Tuesday it had found no serious fault with eurozone member states’ 2015 budget plans, clearing France and Italy after they made last-minute changes to meet EU demands. The budget review covered all 18 eurozone countries, with the focus on struggling France and Italy after Brussels told them that their original plans fell well short of what was required to meet European Union norms.

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Greece: Coalition reaches compromise on candidate for European Commission

ATHENS | Via Macropolis | Greece has decided to nominate current Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos as its representative for the new European Commission after he proved to be the most appropriate compromise candidate. Avramopoulos’s nomination was confirmed on Sunday after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras spoke to one of the frontrunners for the job, ex-Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis to inform her that she would not get the nod.


Juncker: will we see some Junck Bonds?

MADRID | The Corner | President elected of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker will officially start his mandate on November 1. He describes himself as a “champion of the social market economy” –although he says it would only work with social dialogue, insists that he is not a federalist and calls for a “re-industrialisation of Europe.” What else should we know about him.


Juncker’s victory breaks EU’s financial heart

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | Despite British PM David Cameron’s intense campaign against him, Jean-Claude Juncker was chosen as European Commission new president on Friday with 26 out of 28 heads of states’ votes. Candidate of the centre right European People’s party, the largest group in the parliament, and a veteran EU deal-broker, Luxembourg’s former PM vows for increasing the power of Brussels and reducing the voice of nation states. He’ll be officially appointed on July 16 with the strong opposition of the EU’s financial centre.