Angela Merkel

What To Expect From The Upcoming But Forgotten German Elections?

There has been something of a political roller-coaster in Europe over the past months, and it appears already that no-one is giving much importance to the upcoming federal elections in Germany. But there are various issues and questions making this election especially important for Germany and the EU.


No Euroscepticism Please, We’re German

PRAGUE | By Daniel Gros at Project Syndicate via Presseurop | German ardour for the European project is not cooling, as some would have the public believe. Instead, Germany is recognising the value of the EU and above all the single currency, now more than ever.

Euroscepticism 2

Unpacking Euroscepticism

LONDON | By Simon Usherwood is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Politics, University of Surrey | We have the more diffuse and non-organised wave of opposition that has emerged in recent years: all the groups and parties that have started tacking on expressions of dissatisfaction with European integration to their programmes.

English Euroscepticism

The shape of English Euroscepticism

LONDON | In a way, the Great English Euroscepticism was irrational until the Eurozone began to burst here and there, and the well-meaning rhetoric of the elites in Brussels and Strasbourg fell into a provincialism-stinking pit.