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Ferrovial wins nine construction projects worth €932m through US subsidiary Webber

Intermoney | The Spanish company (Mantener, PO€26), through its US subsidiary Webber, has won nine construction projects in the United States in recent weeks, specifically in Texas and Florida. The total budget amounts to €932 million. Among the new work in the pipeline is its first major civil engineering project in Florida. This project, Ferrovial’s first in Florida, with a budget of €75 million, consists of the reconstruction of one…

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Ferrovial awarded near-€71-million highway improvement contract in Georgia

Link Securities | The infrastructure group Ferrovial (FER) will carry out improvement works on a section of the US I-85 highway, located in the state of Georgia, specifically in the city of Atlanta, after being awarded a contract valued at around €71 million ($79 million), according to Expansión newspaper on Tuesday. According to Ferrovial, the contract was awarded by the Georgia Department of Transportation to its US subsidiary Ferrovial Construction,…


Ferrovial gets the I-66 in the US up and running after $3.600 B investment

Intermoney | Ferrovial (Hold, Target Price 24 euros/share) announced on Wednesday that the consortium which owns the concession, in which the Spanish group has 56%, has started opertations on the I-66 Managed Lanes in the vicinity of Washington DC, in the state of Virginia (US). This project has involved an investment of 3.6 billion dollars, of which 786 million euros correspond to capital contributed by Ferrovial itself, without taking into…

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Ferovial wins €283 motorway extension contract in the US

Intermoney | The Spanish infrastructure firm has won a contract to extend a motorway in the US. According to the daily Cinco Dias, Ferrovial (Hold, TP 24€), via its US subsidiary Webber, has been awarded the contract to extend a 13km stretch of the I-95 motorway, on its way through North Carolina (US). The contract is involves an investment of 283 million euros. This stretch of will have eight lanes,…


Ferrovial agrees to buy Carlyle’s stake in the new Terminal 1 at JFK airport for $1.140 B

Bankinter | Ferrovial has reached an agreement with Carlyle to buy its stake in the new Terminal 1 at JFK airport (New York). It will acquire 96% of the vehicle through which The Carlyle Global Infrastructure Fund holds 51% of the concession. Ferrovial’s investment will be 1.140 billion dollars. The accord is subject to certain suspensive conditions and the company will provide more details on 9 June at 18:00h. The…


Ferrovial could earmark $1 Bn to build the new terminal at JFK airport

Renta 4 | Ferrovial, along with its partner Carlyle, could invest 1 billion dollars (approximately 880 million euros and accounting for 7% of the group’s construction portfolio) to build the new terminal at New York’s JFK airport. The concession period would last until 2060 and Ferrovial-Carlyle would hold 51%, according to the news. Valuation: Positive news, both at the quantative level (the size of the project) and the qualitative level (the…

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Ferrovial Gains Ground In Its US Talisman State With A €1.275 Bn Deal, Ahead Of Biden’s Investment Plan

The Spanish construction group has been awarded one of the largest road contracts of the year in the US to expand the I-35 interstate highway in Texas, with a budget that means 20% of the group’s total 2020 revenues. Ferrovial was chosen in 2005 as a strategic partner of the Texas government to design and build the TT Corridor 35. Furthermore, this US state is one of the Group’s largest markets given that its three largest consolidated concessions globally are located there.