Gas Natural strategic plan


Naturgy Launches Strategic Plan

Recently renamed Naturgy, Gas Natural has presented its Strategic Plan 2018-2022 to analysts in London. In this new stage, the company will carry out radical changes in its share holding and leadership.

Gas Natural becomes Naturgy

Gas Natural Will Seek Purchases And Mergers After Becoming Naturgy

The general shareholders meeting of Gas Natural yesterday approved the change of name of the company, baptized Naturgy Energy Group. The group thus relaunches itself at the moment when it wants to take part in the corporate dance taking place in the energy sector. Gas Natural is passing through an historic phase, with drastic changes among its shareholders and leadership and with the design of a strategic plan for 2022.

gas natural

Gas Natural: Cash-Flow Will Support Capex And Dividend Without Need To Hike Debt

José Benito de Vega | Gas Natural’s shares have been volatile in the last few months due to results which were worse than analysts’ consensus, coupled with a strategic plan which disappointed the market. But the stock price has recovered in the last two months and has outperformed the Ibex 35 index by 7.6% so far this year.