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France case scenario after elections

France Distances Itself From The Worst-Case Scenario, But Also From The Best-Case

A political risk scenario is not taking shape in Europe, but that doesn’t mean there are no problems. They are still there and in France they will rear their head under the concept of “cohabitation.” The new president of the French Republic, more than likely, will have to live with the National Assembly being dominated by the traditional parties.

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Analysis: Angela Merkel’s Challenges

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | Chancellor Angela Merkel has skilfully governed both Germany and Europe with ambiguity between her pragmatic proposals at home, and her tough declarations outside. Her victory opens a new stage for the German government and for Europe. She has become stronger, although she still needs to seduce.


Fed’s meeting and German elections, events you don’t want to miss

MADRID | By Francisco López | Mark your calendars. For the first time in quite some time two major events for the future of markets and EU’s banking union are taking place in less than a month: the Fed’s meeting next Wednesday and the German elections on September 22. Is the tapering starting and by how much? Will Angela Merkel have to find a new political partner? 

german elections

In Germany not all that glitters is gold

MADRID / FRANKFURT  | By Tania Suárez and Lidia Conde | Practically all eyes are on the German elections of September 22 since apparently the future of all Europe lies on those results. However, German political parties have dodged the issue of the economic crisis in order to sell an image of an almighty Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel represents the perfect German: an ordinary, accessible, hardworking woman concerned about her country. The perfect candidate for Germany… or not.

German elections - Eurosceptics

On the Right, Eurosceptics steal Merkel’s show

PARIS | By  at Les Echos via Presseurop | Among the – rare – unknowns of the September 22 elections is the eventual tally for the Alternative für Deutschland. The Eurosceptic party targets older and more conservative voters, one of the traditional bases of the electorate of the outgoing Chancellor.