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USA And Germany: The Engine Of The Two Western Locomotives Is Seizing Up

The economic growth of both economies has fallen sharply in the Q2 of the year due to the coronavirus restriction measures. Germany’s GDP saw a decrease of 11.7% on yoy rate. The country was plunged into the deepest recession in post-war history. On the other side of the Atlantic, the US GDP was down 32.9% in annualised terms, the biggest fall since the current historical series began in 1947. Spain and France accompany them with record contractions of 22,1% and 19%, respectively.

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The First Part Of German GDP’s Drama In Detail

Martin Moryson (DWS ) | The data published yesterday by the Federal Statistical Office confirms the 2.2% decline in German economic output in the first quarter. This had already been calculated in a previous estimate. Combined with the last negative growth quarter of 2019, Germany is now officially in recession. However, Q1 is only the beginning. The real drama will only become evident in the figures for the Q2. Here we expect a 10 percent decline.