Green Hydrogen

Ibedrola hidrogeno

Iberdrola to lead green hydrogen consortium, Atmosphere

Alphavalue / Divacons | The Spanish utility has announced that it will lead the ‘Atmosphere’ consortium, a project that will integrate different companies to innovate in new technologies that can be applied to the critical equipment of green hydrogen generation plants, thus covering the entire value chain, as reported by the company in a statement. The consortium will also include Ingeteam Power Technology, Inerco Ingeniería Tecnológica y Consultoría, ABC Compressors,…

Hydrogen Spain

France clashes with Germany and Spain over “pink” hydrogen

Banca March | The lack of support from Germany and Spain for labelling nuclear-derived hydrogen – pink hydrogen – as “green” within the European taxonomy has infuriated the French government, which claimed to have the commitment of both countries. The dispute could call into question the construction of a gas pipeline linking Germany and Spain, as well as delaying European green legislation.

Hydrogen Spain

Spanish Hydrogen Network (Shyne) Is Born

Repsol, Enagas, Talgo, Alsa, Bosch, Scania… 22 large companies and 11 entities (associations and universities) have formed a consortium to promote green hydrogen from Spain, with the support of European funds and investments of 3,230 million euros. The Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aagesen, was present at the presentation of the consortium, “Shyne”, and announced that the first 400 million of a total of 1.555 billion euros in European…


Fifty-Nine European Gas Distributors, Five Of Them Spanish, Join Forces to Develop A Hydrogen Market

Distributors from 13 different countries have launched the Ready4H2 initiative to support the development of a hydrogen market that will contribute to the transformation of the continent’s energy infrastructure and the fulfilment of the EU’s climate neutrality goals. The participating Spanish companies are: Nedgia (from the Naturgy group), Nortegas, Madrileña Red de Gas, Redex and Gas Extremadura.

Talgo Vittal One

‘Talgo Vittal-One’ , A Spanish Train Powered By Hydrogen To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Portocolom AV | Spanish railway company Talgo is working on an innovative hydrogen train with the aim of replacing diesel-powered locomotives by 2023. With these new engines the company would replace diesel-powered ones in commuter trains and medium-distance trains, and thus take a step further on the way to climate neutrality, which Spain aims to achieve in 2050. The railway company is developing at its Rivabellosa plant in Alava the first units that will be powered by green hydrogen fuel cells supplied by Repsol. The two companies have recently signed an alliance to develop machines powered by this energy.


Spain | Green Hydrogen In The Recovery Plan

Pedro Sánchez, took part in the presentation for the business project that will, this year, begin constructing a giant factory in Guadalajara. Every kg of green H2 that replaces a fossil one will avoid 9 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere.

LaRobla Hydrogen

Enagás and Naturgy promote the largest green hydrogen plant of Spain

Enagás and Naturgy will work together to develop the largest hydrogen plant in Spain in León. The aim will be to produce up to approximately 9,000 tons per year of renewable hydrogen from a 400 MW photovoltaic plant and an electrolyzer of up to 60 MW. The energy generated will not only be used to cover local consumption, but will also be injected into the gas network and be an option for future export to northwestern Europe.